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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 16 September 2013

Zara Philips With The Spirit of Artemis Pilot

Zara Philips With The Spirit of Artemis Pilot - Actually Mike Tindall, Zara's husband is there too. The pilot, Tracey Curtis-Taylor with the Spirit of Artemis

The event is the Goodwood Revival Festival on 13th September.

'Challenge: Zara wishes the pilot luck as she prepares to fly the Boeing Steerman plane 7000 miles from Cape Town in South Africa to Goodwood'

Zara, daughter of Princess Anne, wore a 1920's design outfit, while her rugby player husband Mike Tindall, wore a vintage pilot uniform and cap with a gold tilted badge.

The Daily Mail report, (Mike) 'He met a real high-flyer when Zara, 32, and he were introduced to pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor next to a Spirit of Artemis plane.' Looking at the photographs, they seem to be very relaxed in each others company.

Zara who is expecting a baby, is holding an umbrella with royal blue handle. She is under the royal umbrella on this occasion and perhaps might be representing her grandmother.

Ms Curtis-Taylor plans to recreate the same flight Lady Mary Heath took in 1928. 'Sophie Catherine Theresa Mary Peirce-Evans in Knockaderry, County Limerick, near the town of Newcastle West.'

Lady Heath was the first woman to hold a commercial flying licence in Britain and the first woman to parachute from an aeroplane (landing in the middle of a football match). "Britain's Lady Lindy," as known in the United States, flew from Cape Town to London, thinking it would take her three weeks. As it turned out, the journey took three months, from January to May 1928

'Lady Heath (she married Sir James Heath in October 1927 was badly injured in a crash just before the National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio in 1929. She ran her own company at Kildonan, near Dublin in the mid-1930s, and helped produce the generation of pilots that would help establish the national airline Aer Lingus. She died destitute in 1939 after a fall from a tram car in London.'

The Spirit of Artemis is painted in Imperial Green, sporting the Union Flag with Great written - Great Britain. We can also see Artemis written on the pilots uniform. The left hand thumb placement of the pilot, indicates the person in who the crown has been hidden.

Zara as a name means Eastern splendour; princess.

Goodwood festival, is a reminder of the good wood/good tree. 'Aviation and motor car enthusiasts head to the Goodwood Revival Festival every year to celebrate the golden age of motor racing.'

'Tracey Curtis-Taylor who is experienced in flying vintage planes, will fly the Boeing Steerman plane 7000 miles from Cape Town in South Africa to Goodwood from November 1, recreating the pioneering journey of Lady Mary Heath in 1928.'

Even though the article say these people were introduced in this day, sometimes, people are meant to meet because there is a greater purpose. These people have connections too.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor has registered her business at 'the Bee House' in Cambridge. A Queen is also known as the Queen bee. Next to this address is Gatcombe Park, Cambridge

Zara reportedly moved back to her mother's home in Gatcombe park estate in Gloucestershire a few months ago. Queen Elizabeth bought this as a gift for first marriage of her daughter in 1976 for £5 million. IN 1977 the estate was increased by buying Aston Farm. No coincidence that William supports Aston Villa....or that Aston Park House, a Queen Anne Manor house is in Cheshire...

A manor house with hearts in the design - I could not afford!

In this last year I have had tremendous blocks for writing. A few months ago, Andrew Simpson a GB Olympian was killed after an Artemis team America's Cup racing boat capsized.

Artemis is connected with Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Inside this Cathedral Church, the columns are from the temple of Artemis. Artemis is also the name of Aristotle Onassis sister.

Cape Town is a reminder of the Cape worn - a Mantle. It is the mantle the wraps around the Torah - The Word of God given to Moses and God's Law. Time will tell what will be....

I hope and pray that Tracey has a safe journey.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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