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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon: Liberty USA

The Daily Mail have published an article today about Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. The scene is at a fictional Camp Winnipesaukee in 1995

'Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have recreated their awkward teen selves in a segment for
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that has gone viral on the web.'

In international tennis tournaments, the logo featured rackets are placed in a crossed position - as seen here when Andy Murry won the 2013 cup playing for Scotland. He is also pictured with his friend where both have competed in Tennis,

Scotland was named after Scotia an Egyptian Princess.

With the sport games being played, they can be seen as 'bloodless war games' and we can ask anyone, would they prefer to go to war, or play it out. When men are set against each other, to go to war. They can never unite together as brothers and best friends.

Winnipesaukee features in the video so to find out more.

Winnipesaukee Two Minute Tour overview of the islands

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in the U.S. state of New Hampshire. 'The lake contains at least 253 islands, half of which are less than a quarter-acre in size, and is indented by several peninsulas, yielding a total shoreline of approximately 288 miles (463 km). The driving distance around the lake is 63 miles (101 km). It is 504 feet (154 m) above sea level. Winnipesaukee is the third-largest lake in New England after Lake Champlain and Moosehead Lake.'

'The Native American name Winnipesaukee means either "smile of the Great Spirit" or "beautiful water in a high place.' Native American Indians speak of the Great Spirit..

There are at least 253 natural islands on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Five islands are connected to the mainland by bridges (Black Cat, Governors, Long, Oak, and Worcester), and another eight (Bear, Birch, Cow, East Bear, Jolly, Loon, Three Mile, and Sandy) are serviced by the U.S. mailboat M/V Sophie C.

The paddlesteamer MS Mount Washington, named after the highest of New Hampshire's White Mountains, was launched in spring 1872 to carry mail, goods, and passengers on Lake Winnipesaukee, under the flag of the Boston and Maine Railroad.

'December 23, 1939, a nearby railroad station caught fire from an overheated stove. The fire soon spread to the ship, tied at the dock, and destroyed it. Efforts to cut Mount Washington loose were to no avail as it was a time of extremely low water and the hull was stuck fast in the mud of the lake bottom. Soon after, a local company was formed to build a new ship.'

A new twin-screw vessel was designed for the hull being welded back together at Lakeport. Powered by two steam engines taken from another ocean-going yacht, the new MS Mount Washington made her maiden voyage on August 15, 1940.

Two years after her launch, the new Mount Washington's engines were removed for use in a navy vessel during World War II. After the war, Mount Washington returned to the water. The ship was a success in the post-war tourist boom.

'In 1982, Mount Washington was cut open and extended with an additional 20-foot (6.1 m) hull section to add larger lounge and food service facilities. Still popular, she makes one or two round trips on the lake per day during the summer season, as well as numerous dinner dance cruises in the evenings.'

'As a floating post office, Sophie C delivers mail Monday-Saturday, sells postage, and collects and postmarks outgoing mail. Sophie C also operates as a sightseeing boat, carrying up to 125 people on her two cruises a day as she delivers mail and used to sell ice cream and snacks to residents of the islands she serve'

Washington DC is in the District of Columbia. Sophie is another name for Wisdom. Actually in the Da Vinci Code Movie, the name of the actress Princess is Sophie Neveu (New Sophie).

Lady Columbia is connected with the District of Columbia.

In another copyright image, that appears to be a photograph of a photograph, my sharing is in the public interest to highlight an important connection. Sailing these waters together and yet separately are M.V. Mt. Washington, M.V. Sophie C and Mail Boat Uncle Sam in N.H.

Published by Boston Public Library a photograph 'Date issued: 1930 - 1945 (approximate)' - being reminded of the Boston Bombings that took place in 'New England'. The act of destruction brought the international media attention to this area because we are meant to know about it.

The boats are sailing on the water because they are meant to. 'Britannia rules the waves comes to mind' - in my previous article, the discovery of a statue of the Virgin Mary in the Philippines comes with the reminder that water is vital life source we are given by God.

John J. Barralet (ca. 1747-1815) was an Irish artist who came to Philadelphia about 1795.

In Washington DC, there are truths known by officials right at the very top in relation to America, which has been built on Providence. George Washington, who it appears from visual evidence was divinely guided - he laid down the foundation stone. George Washington could have taken the title King, instead he chose to be President and to Serve the people.

George Washington is a name not to be forgotten or why.

The Declaration of Independence was divinely inspired and document that was legally binding on earth according to man's laws and the law courts. There is no King or Queen who can remove the Rights and Freedoms given to every human being - every American Citizen.

With God is ruling over land and people, man cannot rule over God. It is highly unlikely that any intelligent persons would want to be ruled over by someone who does not even respect the law that is given by God and who disregards all the injustice taking place in our world.

There are people who have placed theirselves as overlords over people in history who have kept people down. Titles and privilege that comes with responsibility, yet has been mistaken as being superior over other people. Being noble means doing right by everyone.

Being Royal entails doing right by God and submitting to Him. People who are not obedient to God and are unable to follow HIS instructions plunge this world in darkness and despair. God does not promote war or the killing of each man - turning man against his brother.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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