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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 9 September 2013

Five Year Old asks "Pray For The Parents" - Why?

Last year a 5 year old asked me if we could pray to Jesus together. He was with his three year old brother. The little one said 'me too' - and I told them when two or more of us are gathered together in prayer in Jesus name, he is with these people. So he is with us.

The five year old said he wanted Jesus to 'help the parents because they really need it now' - he did not know. He does not know what is happening in society and in our world. Yet the child KNEW parents need help and this help is to come from heaven. We prayed together.

As as babies were are born with the knowledge of God because we are given life by God. Then over time and distraction, conditioning and teaching it is easy to forget this.

The police are servants to protect the people. If children and adults cannot trust the police who can? The police in England have been told if there are crimes taking place within the police force and by officials they must not ignore this and turn a blind eye. Did they understand?

Since this time, I have learned of the 'secret courts' and the snatching of children by the social services assisted with police escort to remove a child from it's parents.

Today People are seeing fostering children as a way to make a lot of money. Years ago someone asked I consider fostering children, and in a bigger house I might have considered two. Circumstances did not allow to give full attention to take care of a child. To be honest, it is now vital to enable parents to take care of their children - not contributing to breaking up homes.

Then in learning a £5 billion pot of money is going into paying for child services - I can see there are people who will rush to access the cash and the agencies are not working for nothing.

The truth about Child Protective Services

From the top, the Court Judge, police, lawyers, social services, social workers and foster parents, everyone gets paid - yet the child is caught in a spiders web of decision makers for his or her life. The parents lose their rights the minute a court makes a decision to remove a child.

Then there is the concern of lawyers, police and social workers lying to be paid. There are records made by officials in social care that might not be complete or reflect the reality.

As children are removed from their parents, they experience psychological and emotional trauma. Even removing a baby from it's mother, the baby retains a memory of this experience.

In Peru the children are praying together.

The timing of the increase of this happening, is in the time where Jesus Christ is visiting young children. As people have forgotten who is the Eternal Lord and Authority, in this World Kingdom, they become subject to man and his laws. How sincere are the law makers in England?

How to teach a child to pray - step by step. Show them.

Last year a 7 year old came looking for her friend, because the other children would not play with her. She asked if she could come in and talk with me. The door was open anyway. As she was looking around she saw a bible on a bookshelf and told me then she has seen Jesus.

This child at the time bears a remarkable resemblance to 5 year old April Jones who went missing in Wales. The British media did an isolated reporting of this young child with a huge search. The father of the accused murderer was a protection officer of Queen Elizabeth. Silence on this!

NO physical body has been found of April Jones.

There are many thousands of children that go missing every year in UK (and around the world) yet the media are not writing articles so parents are warned to protect their children.

Who is watching over the children? Who is teaching children to ask for the protection of God? When man and the structure in society fails the people, God is the Ruler over everyone.

On the day when I had traveled to Torcross Road, (meaning Mountain Cross) a lady told me that a former neighbor has their three children taken and put into social care. The father is devastated. It was shortly after this another lady reversed into a car in front of us. So I was meant to take notice what was being said that day and what is going on. Silence is not an option.

The answer is in educating the adults, assisting healing too. There are adults who grew up in an abusive household. Children having children - adults having children before they are mentally and emotionally ready for the responsibility of raising a child. Then there are overlords who are sitting in silence looking down on the people, while people struggle and mess up their lives.

So evidently while adults silent, let us listen to the little children. In their pure hearts and pure intentions they say something that might have a far more profound reason.

Children are instruments and inspired from the heavenly realms. Children remind people that Jesus Christ is the King. In a time with the heavy promotion of a King in England, there is no mention of Jesus Christ. People ask is the Church of England a Church of God or for profit?

To be guided by God and be His representative on earth, we would have to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If not, how can anyone be crowned King (in the feminine Queen of the people) The Virgin Mary was the Queen Mother of Humanity. Fatima, the mother of Muhammad was the Mother of Islam, Fatima Muhammad's daughter was the Mother of the Believers.

In some counties children are protected, however, from what is happening in the United Kingdom they are not. The children are being made subject to laws and lawmakers who are not appointed by God. The way God works is not to break up marriages (for divorce and profit) or to divide families.

There are people who are under tremendous stress and difficulty. Perhaps people have been raised not knowing how to care for and love their children. Adults have grown up being neglected as children and do not know any other way. They might not realise they are given the keys of understanding to protect and love children just by their own experience.

Adults might not realise what they act out children copy. So if parents are fighting and arguing, children might copy this too. They are likely to be attracted to partners in their adulthood who is going to continue this familiar behavior 'unless it is healed'

There are people in our world praying for the people who are suffering and struggling. Today children and adults are praying for adults to be better parents to take care of their children.

The system is set up for profit. Officials who are caught in the system work for profit and they have taken an oath of office. They are obliged to be obedient and do what they are told.

The Head of the Family Court Division in the Royal Court of Justice has spoken out. DO NOT SILENCE what is happening in our world. And if the system is abusing and neglecting people, look right at the very top to see who is allowing these decisions to take place.

Officials need to be really careful because one day, when they are found out to be contributing to crimes that involve lying to cause the downfall of the innocent children, they are going to suffer severe consequences. If there is no prosecution by the court, consider the afterlife.

"Don’t Mess with the King’s Kids!"Matthew 18:6-9

If God is not over the Court, this means the person crowned presiding over the court is not a servant of God. And ALWAYS the people are protected by God. If mistakes are made, everyone has an opportunity to put wrongs right. A spiritually derelict country puts profit before God.

So many broken and hurting adults in our world - many are being deeply wounded by the system and it has to be from within the system that ethical officials must speak out and force change. A preacher, a minister who is the head of a State Church who forgives the most terrible sins being carried out by people, might be ignoring that God is the Judge and forgiver of the people.

Queen Elizabeth approved the Secret Court in her Parliamentary Speech. The court system is a profit making corporation and the prisons too, which have been privatised. No one is safe.

The cameras that are 'everywhere' has officials scared.

The people who rule over people by deception, do so by permission of the people. In history people have been involved in rituals for power too. The royal families do not rule over God!

It is so easy to do right by people - yet refusal to do so!

Praying for the adults and children to be strong. Praying for people to wake up. True Church holds Jesus Christ as King and He chooses is His Queen. He does not hide with a masquerade of titles. Jesus Christ is not the master of confusion either. God does not promote witchcraft.

It is not OK to turn a blind eye and keep silent.

Innocent people are hurting. Adults and children suffering.

The Queen knows the power of prayer from children and her loyal subjects. The national anthem is a prayer - not everyone knows this. This is why people 'of sincere faith' are taught to sing this powerful prayer, children too. The conditioning of children to pray for future generations of a family to be King overlords 'over the land and Royal Court' has happened in history.

How many adults actually pray for Jesus Christ? How many people actually know Jesus Christ is alive? The children know and effort is made to prevent children from sharing the truth.

LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN. If they say they are hurt - they are hurt. If they say someone bullied them - they feel bullied and have been. If a child says they have been molested, they have been. If a young child says they do not like an adult 'perhaps they have good reason'.

Mother and child pray as the child looks towards heaven.

Jackie Evancho & Susan Boyle : A Mother's Prayer (tele duet 2011)

'The Lord's Prayer' is a musical setting of the Lord's Prayer written by Albert Hay Malotte in 1935. The Lord's Prayer is a central prayer in Christianity. In the New Testament, it appears in two forms - in the Gospel of Matthew, and in the Gospel of Luke. The prayer concludes with "deliver us from evil" in Matthew, and with "lead us not into temptation" in Luke.

Children sense danger and they can become paralysed in fear. When a child is silenced more than once, they find it difficult to express their truth. This is not the time to silence the truth. If anything it is time for people to speak their truth and expose the perpetrators of abuse too.

Millions of children are being neglected and abused. Millions of children feel unloved too. The truth is only known to the children and parents of these children. In a society where parents are not being responsible the role of a teacher and having counsellors in Schools is more vital as a support for the children so they can grow and talk about their issues, to heal and move on.

Many thousands of children go missing every year. The statistics of children being kidnapped and Satanic Ritual Abuse is silenced? Parents are blind to their children being in danger. Parents are not monitoring television and music - what their children listen to and learn from.

Now an escalating amount of children being placed in care. Some children in care is for the child's safety, however officials also now know today, in the Secret Court, one primary motivation to place children in care is profit making. Perhaps another so the children 'forget their family lineage and their birthright'. To eliminate any future threat to take the throne - as in history!

Does the royal overlord of the Court still earn commission?

Children are being put on psychotropic medications.

When I trained professionally, my focus to assist healing and empower people - to enable people and empower people with physical disabilities; so everyone knows they have a greater purpose and ability beyond physical limitation. Officials in the UK Legal system are calculative to break and change the Laws and every effort by those who SERVE the Dark Lord has been to prevent Justice.

Even with warning officials - they do not listen. Adults do not listen to their children. Adults need to start listening to the people who know what they are talking about and parents need to start to listen to the children too. The future leaders and teachers are the little ones today.

Children notice their parents drinking beer, vine or vodka to numb their own pain and misery. A large percentage of mums today are more preoccupied with their appearance than focus on their children as a priority. A large percentage of women are single mums raising children. Single mums are targets for men who drift and looking for a home. Not all women consider their child being in danger?

Do NOT Silence Truth. We are at a point where all officials must examine their process. It is not OK to write prescriptions for profit. It is not ok to diagnose illness for profit. It is known thousands of years ago to heal illness, psychological and emotional pain is to heal the root cause. In ancient times psychotherapy did NOT include drugs. Psychotherapy is assisting healing the mind. body and soul.

At one time, nurses and doctors took an oath too...To be a counsellor psychotherapist should be to assist healing, not to drag out therapy for years to maximise profit making.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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