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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dream Vision: Princess Was Crowned 'Outside'

Woke up after a vivid dream vision to share. The vision was as if seeing at the time someone has been crowned a few seconds in length. So what I am to learn from this, is shared here.

A crowning ceremony had taking place under the heavens. Behind the stage set up was an old church with the doors closed. The scene was daylight - no sun was shining that day.

Oath of Allegiance Throne, Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation, 1953 - This just came to my attention and Queen Elizabeth and I both took our Oath to God. We are not enemies of each other.

The predominant colour was saffron yellow orange material, surrounding around a stage about 3 or 4 feet high. The fabric was very neatly folded in verticle pleat like appearance. The stage might have been about 12 or 13 feet wide. People were standing on top, away from the Princess.

The colour was lighter orange, yet has now been clearly identified:)

In the center of the stage a lady with dark hair was sitting on a throne chair (who I could not see clearly because my vision was looking on from a distance perhaps 100 feet away)

To the right hand side there were males, again I did not see detail. They appeared to be wearing dark clothes (a coronation would be carried out by High Priests or Archbishops).

To the left of the girl on the throne was a man pointing towards the heavens. He was doing this as a symbolic ritual, not as pointing to remind people of God's Authority in the heavens.

He was making a symbol with his fingers that I recognised to share and the meaning to show here too. Reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, a hand was placed in the Rotunda pointing upwards. The hand had symbols with the thumb facing up and the index finger pointing upwards.

On the ceiling of the Rotunda includes a depiction of George Washington. An earlier article has shown that George was also a prophet who had visions and somewhere these are documented.

There were not many people around - the people did not know what was happening. The stage setting was in a square, a term used also with the compass that measures degrees and square.

The impression I got was this 'ceremony' was taking place in England. The saffron connects with Asia. The Saffron orange colour shows me this is connected with Buddhist monks too.

Reclining Buddha at Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, Myanmar, Burma. If you look to the side of my webpage you will see a 'crowned reclining buddha' a gift given to me last year.

The Compass and Square is connected with freemasonry. Every building that is built, every plan that is laid down, every road that exists has been measured to precision. Every plot of land can be traced to the original owner, or rather caretaker for we are caretakers of this world.

In relation to the hand - this relates to The Hand of Mysteries.

Jesus Christ said 'what is hidden and concealed will be exposed'.

Pope Francis 1 was inaugurated outside 'under the heavens'

In a Royal Imperial crowning ceremony, the masses would gather. The person on stage was not celebrity or a British royal - if they were there would be masses of people gathered around and the paparazzi too. My dream might be depicting a scene planned 'in secret' inside a church.

Hearing 'York square' guided to St. Helen's church in Yorkshire. St. Helen's is also a district in Lancashire in the Duchy of Lancaster. Queen Elizabeth is Duke of Lancaster. The setting of my dream vision was not much unlike this - although I cannot say exactly where.

York Square brings 'The Duke of York's Headquarters' in Chelsea in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, England. William and Kate ensured their baby's birth was registered in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. By Law George should have been registered at Paddington.

The Duke of York's Headquarters in December 2009. The Saatchi Gallery relocated there in 2008. An independent school for children between ages three to eleven, known as Garden House School, occupies the Cavalry House, part of the Duke of York's Headquarters on Turks Row

York Cathedral is where Constantine Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire was crowned - Constantinople is named. Byzantium was in the Eastern Holy Roman Empire. Who in the British royal family members recognise descendants of the Byzantine Imperial bloodline - Reveal yourselves now!

The British royals traveled to India to have an inauguration ceremony in history. David Cameron made it abundantly clear there is no intention to return the Koh-i-Noor diamond that was taken as a spoil of war meaning the Rightful wearer of The crown would have origins in India too.

The Koh-i-Noor diamond sits in Queen Elizabeth's Crown. The British Royal family are aware of the Curse of the Kohinoor, hence why worn only by a Queen Consort or Queen by Right:

"He who owns this diamond will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes. Only God, or a woman, can wear it with impunity."

The final owner of the Koh-i-Noor was Maharaja Duleep Singh. On March 29th, 1849 Lahore where Punjab was formally proclaimed a part of the British Empire in India. One of the terms of the Treaty of Lahore was:- “The gem called the Koh-i-noor which was taken from Shah Shuja-ul-Mulk by Maharajah Ranjit Singh shall be surrendered by the Maharajah of Lahore to the Queen of England.”

The Queen of England by Right would be a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea; from the Christ family. The sprouting of His Staff took place in Glastonbury in the ancient times.

Last year I had a dream with Prince Phillip and the Queen with the biggest smiles in a sports arena. A stage was being built on the ground. The seats were empty. We were looking on. During the dream I was given the understanding a crowning ceremony would take place here. Woke up.

My thoughts initially on waking up was the Olympic Stadium. Straight after this - the scepter is to come to France. Since this Saudi Arabia came to mind and United Arab Emirates.

The Queen Elizabeth II ship was taken to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and since there are suggestions it has gone to China. Not sure. 'Princess of China' has international attention being sang by Rhianna and Chris Martin by Cold play - Perhaps because the truth is being silenced?

Being part Greek from my mother, ancient Olympia is in Greece. The Flame of Harmony to unite humanity in peace is very personal to me and for many millions of people our greatest wish. The scepter in France has a hand that points with two fingers as seen with Holy Iconography of Christ.

In Arabic Emira (Ameera) translates to mean Princess.

'Bounty' comes to mind - the commerical was actually made in Crete. It was in Crete that my mother wanted her ashes taken to after her body was cremated. Eventually what happened and what was to be, her Spirit was Set Free so that she can and has continued her spiritual purpose.

What also comes to mind is 'Palermo Sicily'. The Byzantine Collection created by Dolce and Gabbana brings the Italian, Sicilian and Greek connection together. This is land was ruled by Arabs and so there is a connection by blood - marriage and children, between these people too.

While in the Kitchen I just heard "Show them for me - show them what I tell you"....This is what immediately came into my mind afterwards. The truth is always very clear.

In London is built Emirates Stadium already established.

Queenland Road looks like a needle. Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh Queen of Egypt and she was Greek from Macedonia. Her successor would be with Greek origin too. England is marked as Queensland.

Queen Elizabeth II has maintained this land, in accordance with Joseph of Arimathea, where his staff spouted here to show from HIS family descendant the early church will continue.

This shows from the head and body of the needle, both point towards the stadium. Symbolically we are shown the whole Queen (head and body) is connected with the Emirates.

The Greek people, lived in Asia and across the Middle East. My Grandmother, my mother's mother lived in Smyrna Asia Minor, identified in the Holy Bible. People from Arabia have a connection to Africa too. In St. Mary of Zion Chapel, Ethiopia is where the Ark of the Covenant is held.

The Sephardic Jews came from the East to Spain and Portugal.

The changing of names and renaming of places is sometimes a blessing disguise. The people who have horrific memories of what happened in Turkey must also NOW see the spiritual perspective that applies today and that God really is controlling everything that is happening.

Turkey - Tur meas mountain. Key opens the door. Last year in a lucid dream I was given a bunch of keys. Then discovering keys on the Gibralter coin with the reverse written 'Our Lady of Europa.

Then in England a Cross Crop circle with keys on both sides to my attention too. The cross is connected with Valencia and is depicted declared Royal Requena in 1953.

These are all 'clear' signs that I have been guided to find.

The law in Turkey prevents anyone having an imperial ceremony in the Hagia Sophia and declaring theirselves 'Emperor and/or Empress'. Actually whoever made this law, officials have placed further criteria that no one can rule over the land unless they come from Turkey. If I recall the same applies with Egypt too - so who is really the ruling power behind the faces?

So while the British royals have secret ceremonies, God is open with everyone and reveals his truth very clearly to everyone. What is truth can be found written in the HOLY BIBLE TOO.

My dream vision being on a square now is contrary to what I was shown with the Queen and Prince Phillip together in a public stadium that sits many thousands of people. When Queen Elizabeth was coronated in Westminster Abbey full, the seating was limited and yet her ceremony was televised so people could see. The crowning of Prince Charles in Wales was televised too.

Is someone being crowned as Empress of India, in England? The man pointing upwards towards the heavens caught my eye. My grandmother used to say your destiny is written in the heavens and much to my devastation I got sent back to live in England, when I wanted to stay in Greece.

Seen are constellations, with a box (ark of the covenant), the cross (holy cross) the crown with 12 stars and we can see part of a woman reaching for the crown here.

Isaiah 61:2 is about the Annointed To Preach and Proclaim!

1) What is ordained from Heaven must happen on earth. 2) What is ordained on earth must happen with God's permission. 3) The Crown is only a symbol to show and maintain God's Authority on earth. 4) God is not for one people and not another. 5) God does not divide people and turn people against each other. 6) God does not send men to war, when he can strike people down and flatten mountains too.

The dominant colour in my Lucid dream vision was Saffron. Saffron comes from a lilac coloured (this is a spiritual purple seen through the minds eye) crocus native to Greece and/or Southwest Asia. Saffron was first cultivated in Greece. Then as a genetically monomorphic clone, it was propagated throughout Eurasia and later to North Africa, North America, and Oceania.

As food/fabric coloring saffron brings a warm golden yellow

From the East is where the Spiritual Wisdom Teachers have been born, from in the Royal Bloodline. The Buddha was a Royal Prince. Jesus Christ was born a Royal Prince. When Jesus was visited by the three Magi Kings with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, indicating he was anointed King as a baby.

Was the Gold the King carried a golden Chalice?

The Mystery of the Eastern Holy Orthodox Church is that we are anointed, being given the gift of the Holy Spirit to be divinely guided by God. Not everyone is aware. Many elderly were most definately wise and of course they know of the betrayals done to the Greek people too.

Only people who are not guided by God would keep people down.

For all my learning it was for credibility to speak out in particular to enable people with self healing and empower people. As a child, with my eyes closed one day 'meditating' I heard the words 'ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.

Everyone is entitled to know and be guided by God. People not guided by God cannot rule over people who are. The United Kingdom Prince/Princess wizard wand wavers are both in defiance of God. People who gain positions of power to oppress divinely appointed Imperial Royals do so by how?

Before closing, the headline 'Brazil crowned on magical stage' FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009. Notice the golden globe. Are there also the golden globe awards too?

Taking into consideration all above, already a crowning ceremony has taken place in the Solomon Islands in an ANGLICAN CATHEDRAL, has another secret ceremony taking place in England. The Wizard wand wavers need to remember God does not Rule by Deception and their puppet helpers.

Biblical prophesy identifies the Anti-Christ as a man. There are women who have sold their soul to the devil for wealth and power too. People have been warned about Satan. All over UK is mention of Satan's Slaves on the internet too. Lots of bad stuff going on that is hidden.

The world know about Jesus Christ; He is Our Living Lord. There are also enough depictions of the wicked witch who is again being openly promoted to show people what is going on.

The Crown was stolen long ago and Biblical laws corrupted! Queen Elizabeth knows what she must do and her officials need to drop that she is the only person anointed by God on this planet.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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