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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

2012 Castle Hill Fire in Devon Inquest & MORE

Last year I recall reading about this fire, where two people died on June 17th, 2012. Robert Rines, 61, and wife Joan, 76, were asleep when the fire started in their rented home.

'Mark Burroughs, an investigation officer from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, said he could not be sure whether or not the appliance had sparked the blaze.

He said: 'It is difficult to estimate the time of ignition. The fire had been burning for an hour or possibly two before it was discovered.

'Both Mr and Mrs Rines were in the first floor bedroom when the floor collapsed.

'The fire started to the left of the sofa and spread to the curtains and the sofa. The most likely source of the ignition is the de-humidifier.'

A statement read out from Mrs Rines’ son, Kevin Dodge, described the property his mother had lived in since 2005 to be 'structurally poor'.'

A post mortem report revealed that both Mr and Mrs Rines died from inhalation of hot gasses and fire smoke.

Luigi Ciapparelli, an oral surgeon, confirmed their identities based on dental records.

Coroner Dr Elizabeth Earland recorded a verdict of accidental death.

She said: 'I am satisfied that some time after 9.30pm on June 17 Mr and Mrs Rines succumbed to fumes from a fire which started in the area of a de-humidifier in the lounge of Meadow Park Lodge.'

Lord and Lady Arran plan a memorial for the couple.

What a terrible way to die. Full article in the daily mail.

Pictured sitting on the wall is Lord and Lady Arran, who own the 5,000 acre estate. In the background is seen a Triumph Arch. This evidently has been a very important landmark.

Last year I had a dream vision of a castle that was flattened. Not recalling the month. It was since this symbolic dream to show me that it was the end of a Castle. This was before William Kate and Harry were filmed waving wizard wands. December 2012 was the end of an era.

Did these two people die in reality to show the end? A deep concern is if these two people died as a result of sorcery 'and this could have happened'. There are people who know the truth.

'Castle Hill, panoramic view of west side, seen from Oxford Down Hill looking eastwards. A large "Peace Clump" of Scots Pine trees was planted on Oxford Down by the 4th Earl in 1919 to commemorate the end of World War II'

Some time ago I was reading about Peregrine Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire. In 2010 the Mail online wrote he stated 'Aristocracy is dead' and he would be happy to give up his title. 'The duke turned heads by putting Damien Hirst's statue The Virgin Mother - depicting a pregnant woman with the inside of her belly exposed by the entrance to Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire./

Chatsworth house also known as the Palace of the Peak

Here are two different settings both in the same County. Through the Duke of Devonshire, Peregrine Cavendish, he has shown a connection to the Virgin Mary with Chatsworth House.

In Bolton where I live now, Castle Hill is a landmark, a former school is now Castle Hill UCAN Centre and a public house is named accordingly. Lord Leverhulme owned 'Lancaster House', bought land and a Castle in Scotland. He built a Castle in Bolton too. 'Bolton' was connected with London 2012 Olympic Games. The 2012 gold torch with Zion written - 'Is this Holy Mount Zion?'.

Being told by an elderly wise man 'nothing is by accident - everything has a reason'. Mr. and Mrs. Hines died for what reason? Why would God take the lives of two people in this way? Did a fault in the humidifier really cause the fire? How many other fires are started in this way? Or was this fire yet another result of sorcery to cause innocent people dying - a holocaust ritual.

Who is trying to harm who? Looking to learn more.

Prince Harry said 'sometimes you have to take a life to save a life'. Whose life? Remembering his words being said around the time before the Santa Maria fire in Brazil.

Looking up about Lord Arran, there is more to revealed. The family name is Gore and immediately I thought of Al Gore in America who might be a relation. A possibility.

Then in relation to Castle Hill in Filleigh parish, North Devon, this privately owned was built in 1730 by Hugh Fortescue, 14th Baron Clinton (1696–1751), later created in 1751 1st Baron Fortescue and 1st Earl of Clinton, son of Hugh Fortescue (died 1719).

In Castle Hill the names Al Gore and Clinton are identified.

The Duke of Devonshire's family married the Kennedy family.

Castle Hill. Shown on the Fortescue standard flown above the house Arms of Fortescue: Azure. Motto: Forte Scutum Salus Ducum ("A Strong Shield is the Salvation of Leaders").

Pilgrims from England went to America to start a new life, People in America have their homeland here too. The motto of Castle Hill 'A Strong Shield is the Salvation of Leaders'

Last year a thought came to mind that I hope the Queen will put her people first before the 'whims of her family' - a random thought. Whims of her family??? What was going on?

Joan of Arc just comes to mind - Juan de Arco. The Ark of the Covenant is God's Promise. Arc Triumph and Noah's Ark as the boat - the vessel. The English burned Joan at the Stake.

With Robert and Joan Hines - 'Robert Juan', then my grandmother remarried. Richard Juan, our father was from European Nobility. Don Juan - the Name Juan is common in Spanish.

Reading of the fire, I cannot ignore this might be by sorcery.

In 2001 my father collapsed and went into a coma, never regaining consciousness, this is when 9/11 happened, with the destruction of three towers, the Greek Orthodox Church and the loss of 3000 lives.
Images of the devil in the flames showed the cause of this.

Just looking now - the name Robert Hines, brings up the name Kennedy too. In December 2012, a report of Robert F Kennedy Jr preparing to make actress Cheryl Hines.

Robert F. Kennedy has a condition named 'Spasmodic dysphonia' that makes it very difficult to speak. In my trauma of legal corruption and homeless threats in two separate cases I could not talk - trauma and extreme emotional stress might contribute to this condition.

Whenever the truth is silenced the truth will get louder.

Outspoken John F Kennedy was assassinated. He spoke about secret societies and secret oaths - he was referring to what is happening in England too. When he spoke of people burying their mistakes instead of putting wrongs right he was talking about England too. American's KNOW!

As with other tragedies when people have died, more has come to light here that is relevant to know. The connection with the Clinton's and the Kennedy's is an interesting find.

Bill Clinton, is of French heritage and Irish ancestry. He has spoken of eligibility to run as President of France and Ireland. The Presidents are related to the Queen too.

Church Ministers pray for God's guidance; yet reject it. If ministers are not divinely guided by the HOLY Spirit of God, what is guiding the ministry of the church?

Robert and Joan Hines are going to be remembered too.

Arran or the Isle of Arran is the largest island in the Firth of Clyde, Scotland. Scotland is the reminder of The Highlands and that meaning God's Land...more to come clear with this.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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