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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Holy Orthodox Church Strikes Back

There are people who rightfully and justifiably ask:

What happens to moral people who never convert.

A video was published that shows the destruction, and resurrection of the church with the people returning to the Holy Orthodox faith - without fear, but because it is right and proven to be so.

We know what is right because while the Orthodox Church are a people who belong to God - so were the Apostles and witnesses of the resurrection were to understand more. The people who have seen The Christ who was resurrected also see these scriptures fulfilled - in the time of the promise.

Published on 30 Aug 2016
'Not even the gates of hell shall prevail against the Church, Orthodox Christians are martyrs (confessors) of this Lord's promise for 2000 years. Convert to the Orthodox Faith, and help us drive out the evil that has corrupted this world, for there is only One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
"Our faith is serious and great, the Church is yeast, and her great era is yet to come." - Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro

I recall listening to my Greek grandmother who in her experience would have reason to be bitter, but instead she said 'we forgive but we do not forget' - She never discussed war with me or losses. They did not traumatise us with fear. But I did not know anything about our ancestors. My heart and soul tell me there is an extensive family around the world but it was not time to know the details then.

For some reason God chose people he has called past and present time and his helpers, that is easily explained to forewarn and validate His truth and His Holy law. It is for our good.

It was of course an eye opening and mind opening journey to start to see aspects of personal revelation that I would remember, because of some personal connection - ie reading Isaiah 62 where lands will be married and Beulah identified, when I was born on Beulah Crescent in Thornton Heath where also there is a Church named Beulah Family Church. The Beulah family - people of the promise.

If lands are married so are people...

I was baptised in Saint Photini Greek Orthodox Church in Greece - yet to discover Saint Photini was the lady at the well who spoke with Jesus. this is the Samaritan lady. She spoke of her ancestors - and the well was Jacob's well so we know she is a descendant of Jacob. This is my learning so far.

If there is a role to be identified, it is to share what is revealed and this has to me been vital to learn from and understand. The scriptures are being validated - in a time when they are being disputed. But the people who are disputing have not studied the scriptures and are not being guided by the Holy Spirit to discover the truth of what is important. Books were bound together, not all are wrong.

So I want to share what I  have written in the video reply - whether someone actually reads this or not, and bear in mind I am a the scriptures women are forbidden to teach. We are to submit to God and to pray...but what if Jesus Christ reveals a truth - are we to be silent? How do we know Jesus is revealing a truth? - we will see him in a dream or vision because he wants us to see him.

Jesus says 'My sheep here my voice' - so we know we belong to him.

'The Holy Orthodox Church have a role to bring people to the truth...Jesus is revealing himself as being alive and also wearing His Crown. As in ancient history people were prepared for his birth, so today people are being prepared for his second coming. If the body is not washed clean and the vessel made pure and holy. how can the Holy Spirit dwell within? And if people lukewarmly believe in Jesus who was born, crucified and resurrected, how can they be instruments to share his truth and bringing people to him. 

The Scriptures write of this critical time fraught with dangers but also with great hope. If you study the scriptures you will discover promises made to the people. In Revelation 21 it is clearly written and yet this is important. Colossans 3:11, Galatians 3:28 - He makes this an unchangeable truth. 

Do you know family are spiritually connected? Do you know our soul keeps the spiritual family connected to God? In this time there those who want to rule who go against God. God has ensured the preservation of His people through Jesus Christ in ways not fully understood. The scriptures validate the truths. 

God has ensured that the House of Israel can be preserved through Jesus but this is a rebellious generation. In some teaching there is rejection of the Holy Spirit while there is recognition of the scriptures. The Holy Spirit validates the holy scriptures and God's Providence preserves us. 

It is better to be honest if you doubt or do not believe and then with pure sincere heart seek understanding - Pray and ask for the truth to be revealed and even to use the Holy Scriptures for this revelation. But conversion.....for many conversion of the heart is what God asks of us. (Matthew 18:3, Romans 2:29, Romans 8:13-15, Romans 10:1-3) furthermore, not everyone is taught to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And yet it is written Revelation 21:1-8, - it is not for us to choose but God knows and chooses- 

When we submit to God and trust according to His will it will be done. Do not judge or compare yourself to anyone else because only God knows all and what is going on inside anyone's heart and mind; especially those who seek to rule by deception. In the mystery of history some truths have been very carefully preserved, but if changes, some important truths have seemingly been lost. They are not. 

We have the words of Christ even now in this time. He has revealed himself to me in dreams and visions so I know he is alive. (1 John 1-10) Talk to him...He waits to listen to us. 

In the meantime I am guided to share this scripture and it is an appropriate prayer Psalm 51. God bless you and I love this video. No longer will people of faith be scared to shine His light openly. 

(My Greek mother took me to Greece to be baptised in the Orthodox Church) Everything has reason and purpose in the divine plan. The people cannot be forced into a religion - when God seeks sincere hearts and souls. 

God is not a religion. Jesus Christ is not a religion...

There were warnings given....and a saviour for mankind too.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 23 July 2016

How Powerful is Pokemon - Do You Know?

The question I ask myself is - How powerful are video games?

As someone with an avid interest in personality development, also in self healing and empowering people - being able to guide and ethically instruct with self healing and to obviously empower people includes identifying the reasons why people are ill, and with low self esteem - also oppressed.

I was prevented from progressing to get a Phd after all that would give me an ethical voice bnt I did gain several professional qualifications in UK to assist healing and empower people. That which is ruled here in England by the power of dark forces- as the uniformed police officer stated, is a mindset that has evidently not evolved and the lust for power to rule over people, fortunately does not rule over souls. If you are eager  to bow down to your overlord Masters..that is your choice. But bear in mind masses of people take oaths of office to be paid their wages..and they are serving SOMEONE!

A few years ago I came across a video game 'Assassins' and while I might be considered not normal by a blind conforming and ignorant people - let me tell you how it is If you watch television and play games with violence, if you even watch in the home violence between parents - you are learning from this. Either you will avoid situations of conflict or you might copy - even attract violent partners.

I recall some years ago someone mentioning Pokemon - it meant nothing to me whatsoever. If I recall children had cards...such little interest that it had, only appearing to be another gimiky profit making collectors  tool - if they were my children I would have wanted to know, but they were not.

Yesterday someone posted a video that caught my attention.

Putting it up on Facebook it got a lot of attention with several people liking..a couple of laughs but my reason for posting it was actually 'being alarmed with what was being shown in the video'

As you can see hundreds of children are running towards what appears to be a sinkhole. With a few sinkholes appearing in this earth - I wanted to know how Pokemon works and just happened to  meet an adult who knows all about it. He explained that the mobile telephone tells you where Pokemon is and said it could be sitting next to me on the sofa....or a fence, or on a car, or in a field...etc.

At the time I posted this I had no idea how Pokemon works...since I have been informed. If you do not know - indeed ask someone to explain then this will make sense! But is this possible?

Do your children play video games> - how about games on their mobile phone devices? What games are they playing ? Do you know? 

Are your children exhibiting unusual behaviour?

Are your children withdrawn from real life, interacting with family and friends? 

Are your children lost to 'gaming'  preoccupied with playing video games or computer mobile phone games? What are these video games teaching your children? Do you know?

With around 1 million children and young people going missing every year we really do not know where but to eliminate children being lost by whatever snares them with these games is the reason I am writing this....It is the reason why I have brought to light some diabolical goings on too.

As I have said to parents and grandparents of young children, while they are glued to watching the television and their children play out on the road...'watch your children' - I am surely resented but I would surely be hated if I did not warn and a child got snatched and was never seen again.

As a person living in a society in a land on this planet earth - as you are who is reading this, if you are alert to dangers, would you ignore this or say something and perhaps save a child from danger?

As adults the propaganda news delivery is steeing people to think in a certain way and has the power of influence to voting decisions and justifying war. It has the power to influence taking 'legal pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines' and yet sounds out the real preventative care that does not involve toxins - it has sounded out the knowledge that would be largely ignored today because we are not living in a eutopian society that is ready to realise higher consciousness as the norm.

Seeing people walking and even driving while using their mobile devices - tunnel vision is an understatement. If this is how adults are captivated by this device, what about the children?

Who has placed their baby in front of the television - facing the television - while they do something or go off in another room. Training children to be taught by the 'goggle box' is not a good idea.

Sharing this with concern...

Open up dialogue with children..listen to them..and if something is not sounding right, it probably is not. What televison does your children watch? What LYRICS of the songs you listen to are also being listened to by the children? What is the message that is being delivered? Do you know?

You may think I am over- reacting...Hopefully not!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

P,S.  If I had a dollar from every concerned parent that would measure into a pile...My concern is how few parents are aware of the dangers their children are facing today. Please share this message.